Ways Magic Mushrooms Can Change Your Life For The Better

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In a statement on magic mushrooms, the National Institute on Drug Abuse says that it can give relaxing sensations just like marijuana. Nevertheless, its benefits are far beyond making you relax. People who buy magic mushrooms online Canada, have revealed numerous benefits of microdosing shrooms. Most of the people shop shrooms from shopshroom.store.
Magic Mushrooms or psilocybin has been used as healers in different cultures. Western medicine explored shrooms to treat psychiatric disorders. Many people were treated with the drug until the United States banned psychedelic drugs in the 1960s.
Gladly, modern researchers have started studying magic mushrooms to prove its enormous benefits. In New York University, Tony Bossic and Stephen Ross conducted trials on cancer patients experiencing anxiety. They were surprised by its exceptional outcome. Moreover, Psychedelics helps in the fight against alcohol addiction.
Are you excited about the medical magic mushroom? Do you want to know how psilocybin for sale can change your life? Before you go online to find shrooms for sale, let’s take a look at its benefits.

Magic Mushrooms Enhance Your Personality

People change after certain life experiences like love, hurt, celebration, etc. Moreover, aging contributes to the changes that occur in your personality. Few of your dreams come true, few things turn out opposite, you find enemies, you make friends, you experience disappointment, you travel to different places, etc. These experiences bring a different person out of you.
When you age, you like to stay in familiar environments. But, when you are exposed to magic mushrooms, you want to experience new things. You become curious about the world again. After taking psilocybin, you notice significant improvements in your personality even after a year of the last dose.

At the Johns Hopkins University, Katherine Maclean conducted research on 52 participants. They went under two to five magic mushroom trips in a hospital. Before going under the psilocybin trip, they participated in personality tests. Personality tests were conducted after each trip and the last test was conducted after one year of the last trip.

The study revealed that participants were happier, kind, and clam after taking magic mushrooms. It also revealed that psilocybin has long term effects on the personality of each individual. It is phenomenal as no meditation can give long-lasting positive changes in just a few doses.
Moreover, it changed the perspective that older people are not open to new ideas. Maria Estevez is 67 years old and she participated in the study. She revealed that it was the best experience of her life. Her statements assure that people become open to new ideas after taking magic mushrooms.

Psilocybin Improves Productivity

Many young professional are taking shrooms in small quantities to improve their productivity. A few people who are working in Silicon Valley microdose mushrooms after every few days to enhance their performance.

Diana (not original name) works in San Francisco with various startups. She manages their marketing. She revealed that she takes dried magic mushrooms every day in the morning. She uses an herb grinder to grind them perfectly. She fills the powder in capsules after weighing on a scale. She takes these capsules before starting her day.She revealed, “The practice enhances my focus and increases my creativity. It allows me to handle anxiety without any problem. I feel a lot better than before when I don’t use to take magic mushrooms Canada. Biologists and software designers who microdose shrooms, says that it helps them in lateral thinking.

An American psychologist, Dr. James Fadiman is a famous researcher. Since 1960, he has been studying the effects of hallucinogens. He believes that Silicon Valley professional’s microdose mushrooms to gain an advantage over others.

He says that you feel you had a good day. The best part is that you don’t have to manage any side effects. It enhances your mental and physical performance without any side effects. You don’t get mad in the office and remain calm throughout the day.
The director of the Center for Neuropsychopharmacology at Imperial College London, David Nutt has conducted studies on magic mushrooms and LSD. He revealed,

Magic mushrooms improve cortical functions. They become less rigid and more fluid. He says that big doses at least result in improved cortical functions. However, small doses may have fewer outcomes.
By taking small doses, you don’t experience a mind-altering trip. You don’t notice any visual alterations or hallucinations. Instead, you notice better concentration and less anxiety.

Shrooms Improve Memory

Psilocybin can have a positive effect on your memory. Researches revealed that people who used magic mushrooms have improved brain activity. People who have vivid memories usually have a better mood after a few weeks of taking magic mushrooms.
In an interview, Dr. Robin L. Carhart-Harris said, subjects had improved brain activity under the effects of magic mushrooms. He revealed that when subjects were asked to close eyes and recall emotions after giving them a memory cue, their recalled emotions were more powerful.

In psychedelic research, it is a big milestone that supports the positivity of magic mushrooms. Psilocybin enhances the ability to recall events. Magic mushroom fans are familiar with its benefits for a long time. However, researchers have finally started admitting their positive aspects.

Are you excited to go online and get magic mushrooms delivery? Do you know where to buy magic mushrooms? Hold on for second and let’s read about how to take shrooms in Canada.

Magic Mushrooms Should Be Taken Carefully

Shrooms are so powerful that you need to take them with proper caution. You need to microdose mushrooms to get the most benefit and avoid any issues. When you microdose shrooms, you can enjoy its benefits with complete peace of mind.
Let’s read about a few tips regarding how you should take magic mushrooms in Canada.

Slow Approach
If you have never taken magic mushrooms online Canada, you have no idea how they will react for you. You need to find out how psilocybin works on you. For this purpose, it is highly recommended to start small and adopt a slow approach. You can shop shroom from shopshroom.store to start experimenting.

Avoid Other Mind-altering Products
When you buy magic mushrooms online Canada, you need to make sure you don’t combine them with any other drug. It will definitely result in a bad experiment.

Go With Empty Stomach
Take magic mushrooms with an empty stomach to make sure psilocybe is absorbed perfectly. If you don’t eat for at least three hours before taking psilocybin, you reduce the chances of nausea as well.

Use Magic Mushrooms in Peaceful Environment
When it comes to bad trips, they usually occur when you take shrooms in an uncomfortable environment. You can reduce the chances of a bad trip by getting them in a familiar environment. If you can stay with a trip sitter during the trip, it could enhance your experience.


Magic Mushrooms can change your life forever if you take them carefully. You need to know how it works and how to get the best outcome. When you shop shroom from shopshroom.store, you take the first step to a joyous life. If you want to mail order magic mushrooms, the option is available in Canada.

If you haven’t microdose mushrooms before, you need to research about it or consult with a professional. A Microdosing mushroom is the safest method to take magic mushrooms and enhance your personality.


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