Transkei is known for its medium potent strain which will produce a body vibration, sensory stimulation, euphoria, and light visuals, and a sense of social connection. Like the Mexicana and Mazatapec, this strain is also considered to be a ‘beginners shroom’ meaning that it has a more light effects that can be taken in a social setting. This strain is derived from African Transkei and has been studied to have very similar effects of the particular strain.

The benefits from ingesting Transkei magic mushroom is that it provides users with visual stimulation much more than the others that are out there. This will get users to experience geometric patterns and higher light stimulations. Users will definitely be in a euphoria state of mind.

Transkei is a modern yet potent cubensis strain. Most of the users who buy psilocybe online Canada reports visual effects. Shrooms consume the mushroom for visual effects. It also offers body sensations.

Unlike other magic mushrooms strain, it offers visuals with open eyes. During visuals, you may witness geometric shapes and dancing lights. When the dose is increased from 2 grams, experienced shroomers reported melting objects, watching the sound, and feeling colors.

It offers energetic effects with tingling in the skin. You want to dance when it hits you. Users experience different effects depending on their previous experiences.

Similar to other cubensis strains, its typical dosage is 1 to 2.5 grams. Order magic mushrooms online Canada and start with 1 gram only. When you buy magic mushrooms online in Canada, make sure to visit the They have a huge variety and quality mushrooms. They mail order shrooms in discrete packaging.

Transkei is easy to grow mushroom all over the world. Although it is natural in Africa, you can also grow it anywhere in the world with the right environment.

Visit to buy a grow kit that allows you to grow these mushrooms easily. You need to spray water once a day and it will give you enough yield to experience its positive effects.


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