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Costa Rican is a beginner-friendly magic mushroom originally found in Costa Rica. The psilocybe cubensis was discovered from the surroundings of Arenal Volcano, Costa Rica. It is one of the only mushrooms that have been growing next to a highly active volcano for centuries.

Costa Rican is a mildly potent psilocybe cubensis. The magic mushroom offers positive effects to everyone from beginners to veterans. The psilocybe gives you warm sensations easing your mind from all the worries.

A peaceful mind always focuses on jobs in a better manner. The Costa Rican psilocybe strain allows you to focus on one thing at a time. Even if you are a beginner, it is perfect for you. It doesn’t produce strong effects if consumed in a small quantity.

A warm sensation is waiting for you. A mystery guide holds your hand and takes you on a peaceful journey. You feel like you will lose yourself without the guide. You see glowing materials in orange color all over the place. You can feel the trees touching the sky.

If you consume the strain at night, you will see the stars are moving like insects and shining more than ever. You feel like you are very tall and standing high above the sky. With trees next to you, you feel like being a part of it. It’s a journey hard to describe but amazing to experience in person.

Similar to any other cubensis, its typical dosage is between 1 to 2.5 grams. However, experienced individuals need to increase the dosage to feel the top-level effects. Being a beginner, you should always start with 1 gram and slowly increase the dosage as you get used to it.

The magic mushroom has a cam of 20 to 70 millimeters in size. At the start, you see a golden brown cap that turns into light brown with time. With a stem length of 200mm, the width is slightly enlarged at the base.

The dark purplish-brown spores are the source to grow these mushrooms. Wild mushrooms are usually found in Costa Rican cow fields during the wet season. Moreover, you can buy magic mushroom online Canada through At Shop Shroom, you can find a Cost Rican magic mushroom grow kit in Canada. It makes the whole process very simple and easy. You only need to spray water once a day and they will be ready in a couple of weeks.

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  1. superpsyche90 ( verified buyer )

    Wow literally brought me to Costa Rican during this pandemic haha 10/10 highly recommend!

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