Puerto Rican

Magic Mushroom

Puerto Rican

Magic Mushroom

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puerto rican magic mushrooms

Puerto Rican

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Puerto Rican

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Puerto Rican is a dome-shaped magic mushrooms with light brown to dark brown in color. An extremely rhizomorphic mycelium is waiting for you.

The cubensis is an aggressive and fast colonizer that offers a good amount of fruit in a short span of time. The best temperature to colonize the psilocybe strain is between 84 to 86 degrees F. However, the best fruiting temperature is between 74 to 78 degrees F.

Recommended Dosage

Puerto Rican is a cubensis strain with a typical dose of 1 gram to 2.5 grams. The strain is powerful and beginners shouldn’t try it without proper care. If you are a beginner and want to try it, start with one gram and gradually increase the dosage.

Due to its high potency, you can expect powerful effects. However, a high dose may disturb you after the trip.


Puerto Rican is a magic mushroom with enormous benefits. It is entertaining and provides you with visual effects that will soothe your mind. Apart from visuals, you notice relaxing thoughts in your mind with calming sensations in your entire body.

With microdosing mushrooms, you can enhance its benefits and improve your mental growth in the long run. It will sharpen your mind to give you an edge over the competition.


A high potency strain that should be avoided by beginners. It would be a challenge for beginners to handle its effects. It colonizes faster than other mushrooms and this is the reason why it is so effective. Sometimes, it causes overlay which could be challenging for consumers.

Consume these mushrooms carefully to enjoy its effects. You will get a lot of visuals if you go outside. You might think that it is a dream. The objects around you will turn into colorful flying objects and you can feel them sitting in one place.


In a short period of time, you will notice exceptional growth because of its fast-growing nature. The Magic mushroom grows with spores. If you are a grower and want to grow on a large scale, you should buy spores online Canada. With spores, you can grow these mushrooms at a rapid pace.

However, if you want to grow some mushrooms for yourself, a grow kit is the best option. A growth kit is readily available all over Canada and you can easily grow these mushrooms. All you have to do is to spray water once a day and they will keep growing.