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Arguably, the Penis Envy magic mushroom is the strongest mushroom we have witnessed until today. The magic mushroom has powerful effects. A beginner should never try the mushroom more than half a gram for each trip. According to some rumors, Steven Pollock or Terence McKenna created the mushroom using Amazonian strains. However, it is not confirmed through any sources.
When you look at the grown magic mushroom, you can understand why it is named Penis Envy. Its shape is unique and different from other magic mushrooms. Unfortunately, there is no data about its history which makes it an exclusive and mystical mushroom.

To recognize the Penis Envy mushroom, you have to look for its massive phallus. These strains are thick, strong, and funny. Luckily, they have the highest concentration of psilocybin and psilocin. Due to these ingredients, they are the strongest cubensis strain.

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Recommended Dosage

The penis Envy is a strong magic mushroom and you should be careful while taking. It is not recommended for beginners. If you have never experienced a trip before, you should try a Mexican shroom to get a feel of it. Later, you can turn to this powerful beast.

The dosage of Penis Envy magic mushroom remains between 1 gram to 3 grams. Even at three grams, you feel like you have consumed 7 to 8 grams of weaker mushrooms. So, it is advised that you don’t experiment with a high dose during your initial exposure. Once you have consumed the strain a few times, you can try increased dosage.

Microdosing shrooms are the best way to consume Penis Envy strain. It is the safest way to ensure you don’t experience any side effects. Shroomers often try to enhance the effects of a strain by adding other chemicals or drugs. It is strictly not recommended with this strain as it can cause a severe reaction. You shouldn’t do it with other strains as well.


The Penis Envy magic mushroom Canada is a strong cubensis that affects your body in various ways. Depending on your history and dosage, you could experience different effects during each trip. One gram of Penis Envy mushroom can give you an effect that you get from two or three grams of other mushrooms.

According to experienced shroomers, you can expect cosmic entities, fractal surfing, hallucinations, synesthesia, time dilation perceptions, and uncontrollable visual experiences. One could experience a few or all of these effects during a strip.

The psilocybin is stronger than most of the mushrooms. If you haven’t experienced a strong mushroom before, you must have a trip sitter who takes care of you during the journey. During the trip, you feel energetic, active, and happier than ever. It is almost impossible that you feel tired after consuming the cubensis.

An experienced shroomer reported that he felt like the sky is melting away and stars are talking to him. He was able to feel the light of the moon through his body. He felt like psilocin going through every cell of the body increasing his energy levels. He felt like surfing in hyperspace as he left his physical body. The sensational experience shows that it opens your mind to discoveries. He realized how thoughts affect us and others at the quantum level and why we are attracted to certain people. Moreover, he had a lot of visual experiences during the trip.


The Penis Envy magic mushrooms are steril and mutation of the cap. Thus, they don’t produce spores. It is really difficult to collect their spores to grow them. Luckily, you can grow them with a piece of the mushroom cap and mycelium wedge. That’s the only way to grow these magic mushrooms.

Another way to grow these strong mushrooms is by using a grow kit. They take more time than other mushrooms and don’t grow in abundance. You have to grow them many times to collect enough fruit for a trip. However, it will be a trip you will remember for your lifetime. Shop Shroom is a trusted seller of psychedelic mushrooms online Canada. You can get require mushrooms in discrete packaging.