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Do you want to experience a completely new trip? Are you an experienced tripper and want to try something new? Well, the world has been introduced to Moby Dick.

The Psilocybe Cubensis universe has witnessed a new creation when two popular strains crossed each other. With the genes of Golden Teacher and Albino A+, Moby Dick has a lot to offer.

With the power of Albino A+ and calming effects of Golden Teacher, you can go on an unimaginable trip. Due to the lack of pigments in the cap, their color is light blue. They can tear apart before reaching their maximum growth, which means you need to take care of them perfectly. Otherwise, you may lose them.

Recommended Dosage

A typical dosage of magic mushrooms should be anywhere between one to two grams. Depending on your mushrooms’ exposure, you can increase or decrease the dosage.

It is important to limit the quantity to enjoy magic mushroom effects. However, it becomes more important with Moby Dick. Since it is a new variation, you must be very careful. The world is exploring is effects and outcomes, it is better to start slow and then gradually increase the dosage.


The cubensis world is still exploring its benefits as it is a new psilocybe. Experienced shroomers are reporting positive effects on the mind with some visual effects. People who tried the mushroom felt calmness and improvement in their thoughts.

They were relaxed and focus on their work. They were not frustrated anymore.


Be ready to experience a combination of the Golden Teacher and Albino A+. Moby Dick comes to reality because of these two mushrooms. It has genes from both mushrooms and you can expect similar effects.

It offers you a load of thoughts with some visual effects. Moreover, you will feel calm and peaceful. The genetic mixture of two unusual mushrooms will take you on a trip you can hardly imagine. Remember to have a trip sitter during your first exposure.


The word has spread all over the world. Professional shroomers have started making growth kits to easily grow the mushroom without any complication. If you are concerned regarding how to buy magic mushrooms online, you can visit the They offer discrete magic mushrooms delivery all over Canada.

With the growth kit, you can easily grow mushrooms by just spraying water once a day. Nature will take care of your mushrooms and you will have the yield in a couple of weeks.