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The psilocybe cubensis, Mazatapec has a rich history. The mushrooms were discovered by a tribe living in the mountains of Oaxaca, Mexico. They introduced the exotic mushroom to the planet. People who live in Mazatec consume magic mushrooms to enhance their spiritual experiences. According to their belief, if they eat magic mushrooms in the day, they will become mad. So, they only consume them at night.

In the 1950s, two men were allowed to participate in the Mazatec rituals. It turns out to be the turning point for the planet. They introduced salvia and psilocybin bringing the revolution in the world.

The Mazatapec magic mushrooms have brown caps and large flushes. Due to their existence in wild regions of Middle America, you can expect them to be much bigger in size. They take more time to grow as compared to other strains. You must be patient and gentle to ensure their smooth growth. They will take extra time but offers you a journey you will remember forever.

Recommended Dosage

As discussed earlier, safe dosage of magic mushrooms is anywhere between one to two grams. Depending on your history with magic mushrooms, you should increase or decrease the dose. If you are an experienced tripper, you can try two grams of Mazatapec to enjoy the trip.

However, if it is your first experience, you should try less than or equal to one gram. Once you find yourself comfortable with it, you can increase the quantity with time.

To ensure your safety and peace of mind, start microdosing mushrooms. Microdosing shrooms have enormous benefits including happiness, sharp mind, etc. Once you start microdosing cubensis strain, you will realize how essential it is. Moreover, it doesn’t have any negative effects. An important thing to note down is not to mix the strain with other drugs or chemicals. It could result in serious trouble.


A very powerful spiritual journey is waiting for you. If you want to dive into the spiritual side of cubensis strains, you will love the mushroom. Most of the mushroom lovers who tried the strain reported positive feedback. Most of them received beautiful visions with time.

Mazatapec mushrooms are beginner-friendly as they don’t leave any negative effects on the body. They don’t increase or decrease your body temperature. Unlike other mushrooms, it doesn’t make you grind your teeth. It allows you to focus on the journey rather than taking care of side effects.

Most of the starters prefer the mushroom for their initial trip as it is kind to the body. It allows you to feel the fun, joy, and visual experience. It takes about 15 minutes after consumption to start feeling the effects of mushrooms. Once it kicks, you start feeling like flying high in the sky with no worries.

With Mazatapec magic mushroom, you feel more creative and better thoughts. You feel positive energy running through your body. Your social behavior and feelings improve with time. With eye closed or open, you will witness visual hallucinations of different shapes, forms, etc.


Magic mushrooms usually require extra care to grow in perfect shape. Most of the magic mushrooms can grow in two ways including open cultivation and mushroom grow kit. At the, you can find magic mushrooms grow kit. If you are looking for magic mushrooms online Canada, Shop Shroom is the best source to order psilocybin.

When it comes to growing Mazatapec magic mushroom in a grow kit, it is easier than other mushrooms. They grow at a fast speed and you will have them ready in a couple of weeks. You only need to maintain their temperature and water them frequently. A manual that comes with the grow kit explains all the necessary steps to grow them perfectly.

The second process is usually adopted by cultivators. They use Mazatapec spores to grow magic mushrooms, which is a difficult and time taking process. You need to take care of the yield to ensure positive results.