Just How Long Does a Trip on Magic Mushrooms Last?

Just How Long Does a Trip on Magic Mushrooms Last

If you want to enhance your creativity, expand your mind, and improve your mood, then you might want to try magic mushrooms. These are mushrooms that contain naturally occurring chemicals that interact with your mind to induce a sensational psychedelic trip. You’ll likely experience vivid colors, a euphoric mental state, and possibly even hallucinate. But just how long does a trip on magic mushrooms last?

Taking magic mushrooms can be an intense experience, and it’s important to know exactly what you’re getting into before you try them. This is especially true as, in many cases, the trip can take a while to kick in and last for many hours afterward. However, the duration and intensity of your trip can also depend on numerous factors. Here’s a guide on how long magic mushroom trips can last.

How Long Does It Take For Magic Mushrooms To Kick In?

One of the most important things to keep in mind before you try magic mushrooms is that it might take a while before you even feel the effects. While other drugs often kick in instantly, there’s usually a delayed onset between consuming magic mushrooms and the effects on your body and mind.

The time it takes for the effects to kick in can vary depending on numerous factors. For instance, some users’ bodies will digest and process the shrooms faster and it might depend on your tolerance to psilocybin. Generally, you’ll need to wait around 20-40 minutes to feel the effects of magic mushrooms. However, in some cases, it may be shorter or longer.

There are ways to speed up the onset of effects. For instance, some users brew their magic mushrooms into magic mushroom tea with lemon juice. Lemon juice helps activate the psychedelic effects of magic mushrooms faster and, as such, the effects can come on much more swiftly. However, it’s important to be patient and not to take more shrooms while you’re waiting.

How Long Does It Take For Magic Mushrooms To Kick In

How Long Does A Trip On Magic Mushrooms Last?

Although you might have to wait for a little while before you feel the effects of magic mushrooms, they can stick around for a very long time. In some cases, a psychedelic trip from magic mushrooms can last for up to 8 hours. As such, it’s important to be prepared for a long trip if you take a moderate or high dose of shrooms.

The effects of a magic mushroom trip often peak at around 60-80 minutes after consumption. However, this peak can last for a while and you’ll still feel strong effects for around 3-6 hours before you start to come down. You might also feel some residual effects for a couple of hours after.

However, the duration of your trip can depend on numerous factors. Some users might process magic mushrooms faster and trip for a shorter amount of time. Some users might have a higher tolerance to psilocybin, making the effects feel less intense after a few hours. The amount you take can also have a big impact- taking more will likely result in a long-lasting intense trip, whereas the effects of a microdose might wear off quicker.

How Much Should You Take For A Magic Mushroom Trip?

If you’re planning on taking magic mushrooms, it’s important to control your dosage carefully. The effects you’ll experience can feel drastically different based on how much you take and how high your tolerance to psychedelics is. You’ll want to make sure you don’t take too much and end up with an overwhelming trip- especially when you’re a beginner.

The oft-recommended dose for a classic psychedelic mushroom trip is 3.5 grams of magic mushrooms. Taking this much will lead to heightened senses, euphoric moods, and vivid auditory and visual hallucinations. It’s best not to go above this dose unless you’ve gotten used to the effects of psychedelic mushrooms.

Beginners may want to start with a smaller dose of 1-2 grams. Taking this much will still enhance your senses, mood, and creativity, but you won’t trip quite as hard as you would from 3.5 grams. This is often a good starting point to get accustomed to the effects of magic mushrooms.

You can also try microdosing. This entails taking a small dose of less than a gram to induce mild effects. Many users find that microdosing is a good way to boost mood and creativity without having a full psychedelic trip. Some users even find that they can handle the mild effects of a microdose while working.

How To Use Magic Mushrooms 1

How To Use Magic Mushrooms

Taking magic mushrooms can be as easy as eating a dose of dried magic mushrooms whole. You’ll need to weigh your shrooms first to make sure you get the right dose, and the taste can be unpleasant, but it’s quick and convenient. With that said, you might want to try one of the alternative methods of consuming shrooms.

Many users prefer to infuse their magic mushrooms into magic mushroom tea. This makes the taste much easier to manage, and you can also enhance the effects by adding lemon juice. You can also infuse magic mushrooms into foods such as chocolate for a tasty way to induce a psychedelic trip.

Nowadays, you can even use readymade magic mushroom capsules or edibles. These usually contain a microdose of magic mushroom extracts, making it easy to induce mild effects without accidentally exceeding your desired dosage.

No matter how you prefer to use shrooms, it’s important to get them from a reliable source. You can buy magic mushrooms online safely and easily from ShopShrooms.


If you’re thinking of taking a magic mushroom trip, make sure that you’re prepared for the experience. The effects of magic mushrooms often take 20-40 minutes to kick in, and sometimes even longer. Once the effects start, they’ll often stick around for 4-8 hours, although this can depend on various factors.

You can take magic mushrooms by eating them whole, infusing them into tea, or even using magic mushroom edibles or capsules. Whichever way, you can buy all the magic mushroom products you need online for convenient home delivery from ShopShrooms.


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