Great White Monster

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Great White Monster

Magic Mushroom

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Great White Monster

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Great White Monster

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Overall Strength

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Great White Monster is relatively a new cubensis strain with high potency. The magic mushroom offers balanced effects at a low dosage. Beginners should start with some other magic mushroom to get a feel of magic mushrooms before trying this one.

The Great White Monster was accidentally discovered by a mushroom grower known as “NHMI.” The strain is a result of a cross between two powerful strains including Albino and Puerto Rican mushroom. However, the Great White Monster was introduced after it was exposed to reactive ammonium siloxane.
What makes it a special strain? It is the only strain that carries properties of both leucistic and albino spores. It has a slow growth rate but offers large fruits.

Recommended Dosage

When it comes to the dosage of the P. Cubensis strain, it is recommended that you start slow. For your safety, you should start at 1 gram and increase the dosage if necessary. Most of the users experienced strong effects. So, you shouldn’t rush for a high dose at once.

If you have been consuming mushrooms for a long time, you can try a maximum of 2.5 grams. Once you get the sensation, you can adjust the dosage as per your requirements.


The magic mushroom offers you a load of thoughts during the journey. Apart from your thoughts, it sharpens your mind and improves your focus. It relaxes your muscles and mind allowing you to focus on your in a better manner.


Be ready for some soothing sensations and visual effects. As you get outside, you will feel like flying in the sky with a lot of colorful birds. You will notice everything is bright and colorful.

No users reported any side effects of the strain unless you try to overdose it. You can have a slight headache and dry mouth after the trip. Reduce the dosage if you experience any negative effects during or after the trip and it should be fine.


Like any other psilocybe strain, you can grow this mushroom with spores. However, you need to maintain perfect temperatures and climate conditions to ensure its growth. If you are looking for magic mushrooms online Canada, you can buy through the They offer Great White Monster grow kit through you can grow this strain easily. It takes about two weeks to grow these mushrooms. Gladly, they have similar potency throughout the world.