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Cambodian is a southeast Asian mushroom. It was first discovered at the famous temple, Angkor Wat by John Allen. John Allen is a huge name in the world of hallucinogenic mushrooms. He discovered the mushrooms during his stay in Cambodia. It naturally grows in Mexico, South America, and Cambodia. The magic mushroom offers enormous benefits without any negative effects.

Recommended Dosage

A typical dosage of magic mushroom Canada is anywhere between 1 to 2.5 grams. If you have shrooms exposure, you can try around 2 grams to enjoy its visions and philosophical thoughts. However, you should stick to one gram for the first time. Get used to its feeling and then you can increase the dosage to get the maximum out of it.

Microdosing shrooms are the best way to take advantage. When you microdose mushrooms, you get its benefits throughout the day without getting high or unnecessary visions.


Cambodian is a psilocybe designed for innovative people. If you want to increase your creativity and boost your work performance, you need to try the mushroom as soon as possible. It offers philosophical thoughts along with better innovative skills.

At work, you can focus on your tasks in a better manner and beat the competition. However, you need to start slow and get settled with the tipping before you increase the dosage. Are you looking for psychedelic mushrooms online? is one of the best sources in Canada. They offer discrete magic mushrooms delivery all over Canada.


When it comes to effects, you must be willing for some unsettling condition at the start. It doesn’t feel right when you get hit. However, you start getting the sensations and it gets better in some time.

It hits you within a half-hour to one hour. It depends on your previous shroom experiences. After the unsettling experience, you will start getting visions of different diagrams, colors, and trees. Moreover, your mind will be exploded with creativity. You will experience a lot of thoughts coming into your mind.


Here is another strain that is recommended for beginner growers. It grows fast and without extra care. However, you need to maintain a colonizing temperature of 84 to 86 degrees F and fruiting temperatures of 74 to 78 degrees F.

If you can order magic mushrooms online Canada, it is the quickest way to obtain them. Otherwise, you can obtain a grow kit and have the yield within two weeks.