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B+ magic mushrooms are one of the best selling mushrooms at shopshroom.store. The psilocybe cubensis is popular among beginners, mycologists and new trippers. The main or active ingredients of this species are psilocin and psilocybin. P. cubensis species is commonly known as psilocybin mushroom. They are famous for their easy access and cultivation.

When it comes to its origin, there are many stories about it. However, the most popular and widely accepted believe is that B+ strain was developed by Mr. G who lived in Florida. No one ever thought that this development will become the best selling strain since 1990.

Recommended Dosage

Like any other magic mushrooms, the typical dosage for B+ strain is anywhere between 1 to 2.5 grams of dried mushrooms. It is best to no exceed the mentioned dosage to avoid a bad trip.

The above mentioned dosage is for starters who have no experience of magic mushrooms. However, if you are an experience tripper, you can increase or decrease the dosage depending on your trip requirements. While experimenting with magic mushrooms, it is best to have a trip sitter.


Do you want to go on a spiritual or warm visual trip? Well, luck in on your side. B+ magic mushrooms are known for most positive feedbacks. Frequent users have named the strain the most versatile cubensis. It is widely accepted for most occasions and situations. Nonetheless, you have to start slow to understand the effect before you try a full dose.

Like any other magic mushrooms, you should be cautious and take every measure to be safe during the trip.


The B+ cubensis strain is grown locally in Northern BC Canada. It takes about two weeks to fully grow them. You have to maintain a temperature of 28 to 30 Celsius.

B+ shrooms are larger than any other strain. You may see a shroom with a length of 35 centimeters. They are strong and resilient to most conditions. Many people claim that they threw a substrate in their garden and found it growing it perfectly. Thankfully, it adjusts in different conditions and temperatures. Arguably, it is the easiest strain to grow at home.

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