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With white creamy caps, Albino A+ is a delight for eyes and brains. The amazing strain is stronger than most of the mushrooms. It can be compared with the most powerful magic mushroom known as McKennaii. The mutation of A+ Strain offers magical effects.

A+ magic mushroom should be white in color. You should grow them at a darker spot where sunlight can’t reach directly. However, don’t put them in a dark room or you will kill them. The mushroom takes you on a trip that lasts up to 5 hours. It offers a combination of the visual and mental trip.

Recommended Dosage

Similar McKennaii, it is a strong magic mushroom variety and you should be very careful with its dosage. You shouldn’t experiment with this mushroom unless you are used to it. A typical dosage of this magic mushroom is 1 to 2 grams.

If you are trying the mushroom for the first time, you should go with one gram or less. You always have an option to increase the dosage once you get used to it. So, it is better to be careful for the first time.


The magic mushroom offers you a load of thoughts during the journey. Apart from your thoughts, it sharpens your mind and improves your focus. It relaxes your muscles and mind allowing you to focus on your in a better manner.


Albino A+ is a powerful mushroom and you should be ready to embrace its effects. If you haven’t tried a psilocybe before, you shouldn’t start with this mushroom.

The mushroom trip offers visual effects along with some mind-blowing thoughts. However, the thoughts are usually unrealistic but feel great during the trip. It has a strong taste but you can’t focus on the taste for too long. It hits almost instantly and you are on your way to explore an unimaginable journey.


When it comes to growing mushrooms, Albino A+ is recommended for beginners. There is no mushroom that grows quicker than the Albino A+ magic mushroom.
Thanks to magic mushroom growth kits, you can grow the mushroom at your home. Buy magic mushrooms online Canada and grow them easily. With these kits, you can grow Albino A+ with one or two weeks.

While you are growing the mushrooms, you need to spray water at least once a day. Maintain their temperature and don’t expose to direct sunlight. They should have white color until you harvest them. A change of color reflects abnormality in their growth.